100% Free strategy call to get more customers using social media

“In 15 minutes you will have a personalised plan on how to get more customers through the door to your restaurant with social media”

what you will learn:

  • I will give you live reccomendations on how to increase your engagement on social media, getting people making plans to come to your restaurant.

  • I will show you how to get your local area spreading the word about your restaurant getting you more visibility and more people coming in and ordering.

  • I will show you the power of offers and how to get people coming into your restaurant to try your food and the secret ingredient that gets them coming back again and again.

  • I will show how you can automate customer acquisition using simple facebook ads that captivate an audience and gets them coming through the door.  

Simply book your call below

All calls will be conducted on skype where I will make live reccomendations on your facebook page in real time. I will also create a personalised plan for you and turn it into a PDF for free.

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